Frozen yoghurt has surprising benefits.

Frozen yoghurt has surprising benefits.

Frozen yogurt is a healthy food that offers a variety of health benefits.

Yoghurt has been an integral part of human diets for many millennia. It is called different names in different parts of the globe.

The name “yogurt”, however, has a Turkish origin. It is derived from the Turkish term “yog urmak”, which means thicken, coagulate or curdle.

Today’s yoghurt is essentially fermented dairy milk acidified with viable bacteria.

Yoghurt daily has several health benefits, including increased bone strength and digestive health.

We’ll look at top yoghurt benefits to help you live healthier lives.

It is easier to digest than milk. 

There’s the good news: you can switch from milk to yoghurt if you are lactose intolerant. Active bacterial cultures are added to milk to make yoghurt.

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition research, yoghurt culture produces beta-galactosidase and lactase enzymes.

These enzymes facilitate lactose absorption.

The lactose can also be converted into glucose and galactose by bacteria for easy absorption.

These factors improve colon health.

The colon is responsible for ensuring bowel movement is smooth. The colon’s good bacteria help to digest fibre. This makes it easy to empty your bowels.

According to an article in Medical News, Today, yoghurt may prevent colon cancer. The question is: How?

It turns out yoghurt is rich in two very beneficial bacteria, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.

Both bacteria ensure good colon health. These bacteria prevent bile from becoming carcinogenic bile acid, which keeps your colon healthy.

Immunity booster

Because living organisms can be affected by agents that cause disease, immunity is crucial.

Human beings are complex organisms. It also means that it requires protection from many diseases.

Complex protection against diseases does not necessarily mean complex methods. The immune system is significantly strengthened by including yoghurt in your daily diet.

study examined the immunological effects yoghurt has on immune function. Researchers discovered that yoghurt cultivation could increase the production of white cells in the blood, which is crucial for immunity.

Aids healing after intestinal infections

Yoghurt could be your saviour if you have an intestinal infection or are experiencing indigestion.

Intestinal infections can cause temporary lactose intolerance by affecting the lactase-forming cells in your intestine.

Yoghurt containing lactase aids healing and provides the necessary lactase to absorb lactose.

Yoghurt also protects the good bacteria in your intestine against the harsh effects of antibiotics.

Combat yeast infections

study on vaginal Candidiasis in 2013 revealed that yoghurt might help prevent yeast growth in the vagina.

A yoghurt bowl daily can help with any vaginal yeast infection. (Related to Keeping your body naked can help you fight yeast infections.

Uses calcium-rich foodstuffs

Calcium is essential for our bodies to maintain and build strong bones. Improving bone strength is not the only benefit of calcium. Calcium also helps our cells, muscles and hearts function well.

Here’s something else you might not be aware of:

Did you know that yoghurt can deliver more calcium than milk? Amazed? Is it because yoghurt contains active bacteria culture? Calcium absorption is increased many times.

A study on children aged 8-18 was done in 2015 and found significant calcium absorption through yoghurt.

It is a great source of protein

Pre-digested protein is a term for proteins found in yoghurt. This is because they are easier to digest by the digestive system.

Here’s another thing: 8 ounces of yoghurt has 10-14gm of protein, compared to 8 ounces of milk which only contains 8gms.

The researchers prefer yoghurt to milk when it comes to protein intake. Greek yoghurts can be substituted for protein powders.

The content quality of protein can be as high as 17 grams in just three-quarters cup.


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