Final menu selections are required at least 7 days prior to your event. Guaranteed final numbers are required for catering purposes 48 hours prior to the function. Minimum per person charges will be based on the number of guests submitted at that time or of the above minimum number requirements.

Unless otherwise arranged, Evening events conclude at 12.30am when we close the bar. Luncheon functions must conclude by 4.00pm . For each hour or part thereof that a function continues past the agreed finishing time, a fee of $3.50 per guest will be incurred to cover additional staffing.

ambrosia will not be responsible for loss, or damage to, merchandise left in our complex prior to, during or after a function. The organisers are financially responsible for any damage caused to our restaurant by their guests before, during or after their event. General cleaning of the restaurant is included in catering costs, however additional cleaning charges may be incurred should an event create conditions considered to be above normal.
Musicians, bands and entertainers are not permitted with out the consent of management. We look forward to ensuring your event is an outstanding success.

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